Meshed wireless router

MRX technology for wireless mesh enables the creation of a large, flexible and robust wireless network based on the IEEE802.11s standard.

The special protocol enables many MRX stations to be combined into a meshed (wireless) network with redundancy and autonomous routing.

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Project examples

Crane video system

A transmission system has been developed for mobile cranes to transmit camera images from the trolley to the crane operator's lift cabin. The system is very robust and well protected against environmental influences.


Installation of a video radio system to monitor security-relevant and particularly vulnerable areas. The camera data is transmitted and stored on a central server in the municipality's town hall.


In the agricultural sector, the use of modern technology and monitoring is becoming increasingly important for efficient work. The observation of livestock and the monitoring of machines are just a few examples.


The CCTV campus in Hanover, covering an area of 5 hectares with four buildings and three car parks, is monitored using a mesh system from AZG Tech in conjunction with video management software.

Safety & protection

In addition to the many mobile applications of the MRX family, stationary applications are also a growing trend. For property surveillance, remote areas can also be accessed via the mesh, even if they are several kilometres away.