Municipalities project example

Over 20 cameras monitor vulnerable areas

CCTV in Austria plus Public WLAN

The municipality in Austria has just under 6,000 inhabitants and is located in the east of the country

With a built-up area of approx. 3 km², the municipality is of average size. A video radio system is installed in the municipality, which also offers public WLAN in the municipality. The following purposes are achieved:

  • Connection of a total of 20 cameras to monitor security-relevant and particularly vulnerable areas
  • Transmission and storage of the camera data to a central server in the municipality's town hall
  • Setting up a publicly accessible WLAN at three locations that allows visitors and residents to access information from the municipality and surf the internet free of charge
  • Connection of (mobile) employees of the municipality for internal communication (building yard, etc.)
  • Remote maintenance of the video matrix, video surveillance and WLAN hotspots
Datasheet PE-CCTV in Austria plus Public WiFi (PDF)
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