MRX.KranFunk - High-speed video transmission and processing

Video and data transmission system with mesh nodes

MRX.KranFunk is a radio-based transmission system for all types of construction machinery. Camera images are transmitted from different positions on cranes to a touch monitor in the crane operator's cab.

Information at a glance
  • High data rate with up to 300 Mbit/s
  • Range approx. 200m
  • Encrypted/meshed radio based on IEEE 802.11s (AZG.mesh)
  • Supports analogue and digital cameras
  • Digital monitor interface
  • Support for touch monitor
  • Numerous accessories
Datasheet DS-MRX.KranFunk_en (PDF)

More information on the individual components can be found on the service page.

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Andreas Zimmermann
Andreas Zimmermann
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MRX.KranFunk - Introduction

MRX.KranFunk is a radio-based transmission system for all types of construction machinery. Originally designed to transmit video streams from analogue and digital cameras into the crane operator's cab, it is suitable for the bidirectional transmission of many different data signals.

The system consists of an MRX.pal, to which a PAL camera can be connected, or an MRX.eth, to which IP cameras can be connected. These wirelessly transmit video streams to the MRX.Cabin, which displays the received image on one or two connected MRX.monitors. Several MRX.pal/MRX.eth can also be connected to one MRX.Cabin and selected on the touch screen using swipe gestures. Connected zoom cameras can be controlled via the touch screen or a separate pedal. Many accessories are available to attach the components to a crane or other construction machine.

The system is based on AZG.mesh technology, which enables a very robust and encrypted network. AZG.mesh makes it possible to connect several nodes in a network to enable different use cases. AZG-mesh allows data to be transmitted via several stations, creating redundancies and overcoming possible radio shadows.

The high-performance nodes ensure that the video data is transmitted with very low latency, thus guaranteeing an up-to-date video image in the driver's cab at all times.

The encryption of MRX.KranFunk ensures that the systems on different cranes working on the same construction site can neither interfere with nor influence each other. This prevents camera images from being incorrectly transmitted to the wrong driver's cab.

Radio transmission is carried out using modern digital technology in accordance with IEEE 802.11s with 2x2 MIMO antenna technology. This enables a long range with a large transmission bandwidth at the same time.

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