A large number of variable components

AZG Tech offers a wide range of equipment to make the best possible use of AZG.mesh technology and to realize complete applications. Please contact us if you require additional equipment that are not listed here.

Overview of equipment
  • Antennas and lightning protection
  • Cables and connectors: antenna cables, LAN cables, video cables, USB cables, power supply cables
  • Cameras, recorders and accessories
  • Monitors
  • Mounting material: Crane, mast and wall mounting
  • Power-over-Ethernet: Injector, switch
  • Power supply: Top-hat rail, MRX.oca
  • WLAN and router

More information on the individual components can be found on the service page.

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Andreas Zimmermann
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Our equipment in detail

Antennas and lightning protection

Wireless technologies such as those used by AZG.mesh require antennas in order to transmit data effectively, broadband and as far as possible via the air interface. The outdoor use of our technology means that adequate lightning protection must be provided to protect the devices from damage or even destruction. Depending on the application you wish to realise, we generally offer the appropriate antenna(s) and the necessary primary lightning protection.

Cables and connectors

Antenna cable

AZG Tech only uses antenna cables with particularly high quality in order to minimise attenuation and make the best possible use of the transmission and reception quality of the antennas used. Antenna cables with the following connections are available in different lengths: N plug to RP-SMA plug, SMA socket to SMA plug and N plug to N socket.

LAN cable

LAN cables establish the data connection between different devices. The transmission technology is always Ethernet, so we often refer to them as ETH cables or network cables. In some cases, the power supply is also routed via the data cable. In this case, we speak of "Power-over-Ethernet" (PoE), see also the section Power-over-Ethernet (injector, switch).

Our LAN cables are at least category 6 (CAT6 cable) to ensure both a good data connection and to be able to transmit the power supply with as little loss as possible.

LAN cables should not be longer than 100 metres. LAN cables with the following connections are available in different lengths for outdoor use: RJ45 plug to RJ45 plug, 8-pin; RJ45 plug to M12 plug (X-code), 8-pin andM12 plug (X-code) to M12 socket (X-code), 8-pin.

USB cable

USB cables are used for data communication over short distances. USB cables should not be longer than 5 metres. An amplifier must be used for longer distances.

Supply cable

Supply cables are all cables used to supply power to the devices. LAN cables that carry both data and power (Power-over-Ethernet) are not supply cables in this sense, but are described in the section LAN cables. The following types are available:

  • Connection cable for alternating current (230VAC) with M12 plug (S-code) and open end
  • Connection cable for alternating current (230VAC) with M12 plug (S-code) and Schuko plug (CEE 7/7)
  • Connection cable for monitor in MRX.KranFunk (see also section Power supply (top-hat rail, MRX.oca))
  • Connection cable for MRX.cabin in MRX.KranFunk (see also section Power supply (top-hat rail, MRX.oca))
  • MRX.pal connection cable in MRX.KranFunk
  • Methoxide connection cable in MRX.KranFunk

Video cable

Video cables are used to transmit analogue or digital video signals. Two types are available:HDMI cables andconnection cables for Orlaco's analogue cameras.

Cameras, recorders and accessories

Many applications for AZG.mesh are about security: security in public spaces, security for vehicle fleets and factory premises and also security for livestock and leisure animals.

One of the many options for achieving security is the use of digital cameras - also known as IP or ETH cameras. AZG Tech works together with well-known camera manufacturers to ensure the best solution for your application. AZG Tech configures the cameras used before delivery so that you have as little to do as possible during installation and commissioning is quick.

All cameras can be supplied via Power-over-Ethernet so that the MRX family devices supply the cameras directly. Only one LAN cable is required to ensure both data transmission and power supply. This saves installation effort and costs.

You can use video recorders to save the data and enable remote access.

We will be happy to help you select the cameras and configure the remote access.

Monitors and accessories

Full HD monitors in various sizes (10-inch to 21-inch) can be used with MRX.KranFunk. They are always connected via an HDMI interface. MRX.KranFunk is operated either via the touch function of the monitor or via a connected control unit such as a mouse or trackball. All monitors are available with or without touch function (capacitive screen), depending on your requirements and application.

The monitor is very often used in direct sunlight. A cover is therefore available as an accessory for all monitors.

Mounting material

Crane mounting

MRX.KranFunk can be used on tower cranes (TK) and mobile cranes (MK). Different mounting kits are available depending on the location. The mounting kits for tower cranes (TK) and mobile cranes (MK) consist of several units for the different MRX.KranFunk components.

Mast mounting

The mast mounting for and MRX.compact is available for different mast thicknesses (diameter).

Wall mounting

Each and MRX.compact comes with screws and wall plugs as well as a drilling template for mounting the devices on (house) walls.

MRX.crane radio

A wide range of accessories are available especially for the MRX.KranFunk construction machinery solution to adapt the system to the respective conditions:

-Monitors and accessories

-Power supply

-Battery pack, solar cell

Power-over-Ethernet (injector, switch)

The devices in the MRX family offer one to seven Ethernet ports that can be equipped with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). If you require additional interfaces with PoE capability, we have other devices in our range of accessories that are equipped with this function.

The "first" node in the AZG.mesh network is usually connected to the company network or the Internet via a LAN connection. For this application, there is a member of the MRX family that can be powered via PoE, just like a camera. This means that a LAN cable is sufficient to supply the first node and there is no need to lay a separate power supply. This saves installation effort and costs.

Power supply

MRX.KranFunk on the construction machine is supplied either directly from the on-board power supply (12/24VDC) or via a power supply unit from the 230VAC installation. The MRX.oca family is available to minimise the need for different power supply units. MRX.oca is connected to the on-board power supply or the power supply unit via a cable and then distributes the power supply to all devices in the cabin.

Control units for Zoom (foot pedal, hand control, etc.) can be connected to MRX.oca. This is what makes MRX.oca so universal.

WLAN and router

In many applications, it makes sense to create access to the specially protected AZG.mesh for conventional mobile devices using standard access point(s). This eliminates the need for the mobile devices to speak AZG.mesh.

AZG Tech offers access points and WLAN controllers as an extension to the AZG.mesh devices. The devices are configured by us according to your requirements for your application. and MRX.compact offer several PoE interfaces to supply the connected access points directly and minimise the number of cables required.

Antennas, connection cables and lightning protection for AccessPoints are also available, see section Antennas and lightning protection and Cables and connectors.

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