Project example agriculture

Monitoring of stables with modern tools

Monitoring in the sow stall

In the agricultural sector, the use of modern technology and monitoring is becoming increasingly important for efficient work

In this project example, a video radio system from AZG-Tech is used, which fulfils the following tasks:

  • The observation of livestock for reasons of animal welfare
  • Birth control of piglets
  • Monitoring livestock to recognise unauthorised persons
  • Monitoring of machinery and supply facilities
  • Monitoring the biogas plant
  • Transmission of telemetry data from feeding, ventilation, etc.
  • Fulfilment of insurance company requirements
  • The ability to use modern tools such as laptops and smartphones
PDF-Document PE-MRX in the pigsty (PDF)
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Surveillance in the horse stable

The is used on a horse farm in Hanover

In this project example, a video radio system from AZG Tech is used, which fulfils the following tasks :

  • Monitoring the building and riding arena
  • WLAN hotspot for internet in the riding arena
  • Round-the-clock monitoring during foaling
  • Monitoring of the sport horses in the boxes, even at night
  • Preventing theft of equipment such as saddles etc.
  • Fulfilment of insurance companyrequirements
  • Use of laptops and smartphones
PDF-Dokument PE-MRX im Pferdestall (PDF)
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