Object - Monitoring

In addition to many mobile applications of the MRX family, stationary applications are also a progressive trend. With object monitoring, even remote areas can be accessed via the mesh, even if they are several kilometers away. By using cameras, live images as well as voice data can be sent to a reception point integrated in the mesh and evaluated there. With autonomous pathfinding, the mesh always chooses the best connection in the ratio of bandwidth to signal strength. The failure of links is compensated by the redundant system, without the need for external intervention. Clients who know the mesh key can use this infrastructure and join the mesh. The mesh is secured by AES 256 encryption, which makes the meshed system secure against eavesdropping and protects against espionage. The consumption of the individual MRXpoe relay stations is <20W. In addition, the hardware is fanless and maintenance-free.

Datasheet MRXvehicle
MRX in Sauenstall (.pdf, 1712 kb)