CCTV Campus in Hannover

The wireless mesh MRX technology (mobile router) allows you to build a large, flexible and robust wireless network based on the IEEE802.11s standard. The special protocol allows the combination of many MRX stations into a meshed (radio) network with redundancy and autonomous pathfinding. The communication and payload traffic within the meshed network is encrypted, and only stations that know the mesh key can join the network and become part of the system.

Any new station that gets within range of the mesh and has the right mesh key installed will automatically be integrated into the system and the possible new paths will be considered for use. When stations disappear from the grid, either due to power failure or too high attenuation, the changed structure of the network is recognized, taken into account and an autonomous realignment is performed. For the preparation of such cases, no alternative routes need to be defined. The network works without external help or interaction - this makes it so robust and flexible.

Each MRX station also serves as a possible entry point into the mesh. Clients can be connected via various interfaces (WiFi access point, Ethernet with and without PoE). Laptops, mobile phones, cameras etc. as well as entire networks can be connected to the meshed system and use the provided (variable, dynamic) infrastructure.

The mesh may have one or more uplinks (WAN ports) to connect to other systems such as the WWW and allow access to the connected clients. Such WAN port may be an integrated mobile uplink (2G, 3G, 4G) or an Ethernet connection to an external modem / router (DSL, Cable, SATCOM).

The MRX can be mounted on walls and masts as well as in vehicles (ground, water, air). Special housings are available for the harshest environmental conditions. 

Datasheet MRXvehicle
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