Public Safety - Events

At events, the focus is on the safety of participants and emergency services. Here is a mobiels flexible, broadband, secure and ad hoc available communication and data network required. In action, the security forces must be coordinated and purposefully supported. Through an ad-hoc available network can react immediately and reduce the risk as quickly as possible. This meshed network works independently and can be operated at short notice as well as over a longer period of time.

The application shows the surveillance of a larger area via cameras that are located in a mesh network over several MRXpoe. Two of the MRXpoe devices are powered by a power supply (UPS300), which can feed a camera and MRXpoe for up to 20 hours. The cameras are connected via the PoE interfaces on the MRXpoe.

Each MRXpoe has three connections here, so the system works redundantly and is safe from outages. Pictures, data or live streaming is possible via the mesh and reaches the evaluation unit even over several kilometers. AES encryption protects the sensitive data and only reaches the stations that know the mesh key and are part of the system. In the event of a malfunction, the system forms and heals itself. It is also very low-consumption, maintenance-free and noiseless.