The azgMesh graph is a graphical tool to display the communication mesh, the involved mesh nodes and the (wireless) connections between the nodes. The nodes are detected fully automatically and integrated into the graphical representation. The connections and redundancies between the nodes are graphically represented by color and line width so that the connection quality and possible data rate can be easily recognized. The position of the nodes is determined by GNNS, or calculated based on the connection qualities. Location and quality changes are currently being reported and the ad is being updated on a secondary basis. The mesh graph provides a quick overview to dynamically display quality and quantity to the operations management team, helping them with their work.

Via the graph, each node can be selected directly by mouse click to ask for details. Make changes and track conditions.

The representation of the azgMesh graph is calculated on the MRX node and it does not require any special SW installation on the client PCs or mobile devices. A simple web browser is enough to display the graph.

The above example shows five MRX stations and their possible connections, as well as the redundancies in the meshed network.