Infrastructure for critical networks

Own product development, for the creation and operation of critical networks: 

  • The mobile router MRX is our latest innovation in development. MRX is a modular device that builds a meshed and adhoc network.  

  • The products form a secure infrastructure over wireless and wireline connections, which is flexible and easily expandable.

  • Supported by the state of Lower Saxony and the EU, this system offers the ability to provide the emergency services with an efficient communication and data transfer platform in difficult scenarios.



Development support, temporary collaboration and support for the launch of innovative products for customers:

  • We are happy to provide our strong development and planning expertise and support our partners to serve their customers quickly, effectively and accurately.

  • Both software and hardware support in Embedded Systems and LINUX.

  • Collaboration in EW-Process, design review, code review.

  • Selection of components, concept development and long-term, strategic planning are supported.



Development services for partner companies:

  • Planning and coordination of the migration of existing telecommunication and data networks to broadband capability by specially trained specialists with special technical know-how. 

  • Planning of broadband infra-structure for simple (CPE) and complex (campus) networks/installations. 

  • Migration of existing copper-based networks towards fibre-optic infra-structure.