AZG-Tech GmbH - Makes net work.

AZG-Tech has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, network planning and the development of meshed communication systems:

  • At AZG-Tech you will find experienced contact persons, who can quickly and flexibly work for you through the local proximity of Hanover in the center of Europe.
  • Three mainstays (secure communication, service and planning) are the pillars of our business and success.
  • The service segment includes development services, temporary collaboration and the launch of innovative products.
  • Planning for large and small network operators. The focus is on planning and coordination for upgrading existing telecommunications and data networks to broadband capabilityt.
  • Development and implementation of technologies and solutions for secure communication and data transmission for special applications. The wireless router MRX provides a mobile and dynamic ad-hoc network based on mesh technology. Disaster areas, rough terrain and time-limited events are just some of the applications in which such a system with broadband data and voice transmission, which works tap-proof and robust, can be used.